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McCLIM changes: menus, gadgets, CLIM Listener

Monday, October 18, 2004

Work on McCLIM continues, and Andy Hefner has committed more changes to the CVS repository. Some of the changes dealing with menus and gadgets contribute to making applications look a little prettier.

The text of deactivated gadgets is now "engraved" rather than simply italicized as before. Andy has implemented divider menu items with an optional label, and :function items that can dynamically compute a command to execute. Finally, a little arrow is drawn to the right of the name of items containing submenus.

There are changes also to the CLIM Listener, mostly to partition its several commands in a number of command tables with menus. So the listener now has a menu bar with pull-down menus.

The screen shot below summarizes the recently committed changes.

New user interface of McCLIM's CLIM Listener as of October 18, 2004. Note the triangular submenu marker and the look of deactivated items

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