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McCLIM changes and development status

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Tim Moore has committed another batch of changes to McCLIM's CVS repository. The most notable changes are new features of accepting-values. It is now possible to pre-select a particular field in the dialog (via the :initially-select-query-identifier argument), and have fields whose values depend on those of other fields (:resynchronize-every-pass). Tim has added the file Examples/accepting-values.lisp with examples of accepting-values.

Besides some presentations-related changes and miscellaneous bug fixes, Tim has also added a new tool in Tools/unimplemented.lisp. The function clim-user::print-unimplemented prints all CLIM symbols which don't have a definition.

This little tool makes it possible to see how much of the CLIM 2.0 specification McCLIM doesn't currently supports. A simple patch against unimplemented.lisp provides some more insight:

--- unimplemented.lisp	Sat Oct 16 11:18:09 2004
+++ unimplemented-patched.lisp	Sat Oct 16 11:17:15 2004
@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@
 ;;; Keep track of how we're doing.
 (defun print-unimplemented (&optional (packages '(:clim)))
-  (let ((packages (mapcar #'find-package packages)))
+  (let ((packages (mapcar #'find-package packages))
+        (total 0) (count 0))
        for package in packages
        do (loop
@@ -34,4 +35,8 @@
 			    (gethash sym
-		  (print sym))))))
+		  (print sym)
+                  (incf count))
+                (incf total)))
+    (values count total)))
The patch makes print-unimplemented return two values: the number of unimplemented symbols and the total of symbols in the CLIM package. As of the latest CVS sources, McCLIM implements all the 1918 CLIM 2.0 symbols except 69. Even considering that some functionality is still missing from a number of implemented symbols, this is a pretty good result.

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