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Changes to incremental redisplay in McCLIM

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Tim Moore has committed to McCLIM's CVS repository some changes mostly related to incremental redisplay. In particular, he has added "support for UPDATING-OUTPUT where the display records are moved around during the course of redisplay". Among other things, this makes now also possible to do incremental redisplay with output that contains tables.

Incremental redisplay is a CLIM facility that allows to redisplay some output by limiting redisplay only to the parts that have changed. This minimizes the amount of redisplay done by the system, and improves performance.

In turn, incremental redisplay is based on output recording, a mechanism by which textual or graphical output may be captured into an output history for later replay on the same output stream. Output operations are captured in objects called "output records", which are similar to display lists.

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