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CVS problem - McCLIM changes: list gadget, mouse wheel

Monday, November 8, 2004

I am back online after a major software upgrade. Everything seems to be working fine, except for a puzzling CVS problem.

I have restored from backup the source trees of the projects I follow. I can do anonymous cvs login just fine. But when I do cvs update from the working copy of a source tree, nothing happens and I have to abort the operation to get the prompt back. I am still using a dial-up connection, but I have signed up for ADSL.

Some data actually seems to be moved around, but the files are updated only if I clear the contents of ~/.cvspass. And this does not consistently work. I also have hints that cvs is trying to update all the source trees under CVS control.

The upgrade from Debian Woody's CVS version to Slackware's CVS 1.11.17 may have something to do with the problem. If all this rings a bell to you, I'd really appreciate it if you could get in touch with me.

This is frustrating, because I am missing the latest goodies in McCLIM's CVS repository. Andy Hefner has committed several changes during the past week or so. Among the user visible ones are better support of mouse wheel scrolling, and an implementation of the list gadget.

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