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McCLIM internal changes: gadgets, dialogs

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Andy Hefner and Tim Moore have committed some non user-visible changes to McCLIM's CVS repository. They have fixed bugs related to with-output-as-gadget and the use of contrasting colors. The changes include the addition of a default argument to an internal stream function, and tweaks for some in progress work on accepting-values.

The accepting-values macro is CLIM's main mechanism for creating general dialogs. The current implementation provided by McCLIM, which is "culturally compatible" with the specification, has several limitations. Most notably, it can not create dialogs with real gadgets (CLIM jargon for widgets): gadgets are replaced by text entry fields with which the user provides input. Having a working with-output-as-gadget is a necessary step for making accepting-values generate real gadget-based dialogs.

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