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McCLIM changes: command tables, CLIM compliance

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

After the move to, work on McCLIM continues with CVS commits by Tim Moore. Now all command tables inherit from global-command-table, and command table designators are correctly recognized.

This inheritance behavior is the same of the Franz CLIM 2.2 implementation, described in their CLIM 2 User Guide, for a reasons explained in a clarification to the McCLIM manual that Tim has also committed (emphasis added):

This manual documents McCLIM 0.01 which is a mostly complete implementation of the CLIM 2.0 specification and its revision 2.2. To our knowledge version 2.2 of the CLIM specification is only documented in the "CLIM User's Guide" by Franz. While that document is not a formal specification, it does contain many cleanups and is often clearer than the official specification; on the other hand, the original specification is a useful reference. This manual will note where McCLIM has followed the 2.2 API.

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