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CLIM debugger - McCLIM encoding patch committed

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Peter Mechlenborg has made available the initial release of a CLIM debugger. Although it was developed with McCLIM and SBCL, it should be portable to other Common Lisp and CLIM implementation. Indeed, the debugger works fine with CMUCL.

The code uses the portable debugger interface of the SLIME Swank backend, which must loaded before starting the debugger. The graphical layout has also been influenced by SLIME: the pane displays condition information at the top, the available restarts (click to activate), and a backtrace (click on the frames to show local variables).

The simple compilation instructions are at the top of the only file, together with sample test forms in sections Test: near the beginning, and For testing at the end.

Speaking of McCLIM, Andy Hefner has committed the Latin1 encoding patch that fixes the build problem with SBCL. So, the workaround by Christophe Rhodes is no longer necessary.

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