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The Common Lisp Directory wants YOU

Thursday, January 5, 2006

A few weeks ago, as part of the wave of activity following the rewrite of ReddIt from Lisp to Python, Marc Battyani started enhancing his ReddIt clone written in Lisp, called LinkIt, to support a full-fledged directory of Common Lisp libraries and resources.

Marc has recently put online the results of his efforts, The Common Lisp Directory at

I helped him test this Lisp application and it was a lot of fun, e.g. when he got a break loop after I had clicked a link. I felt like one of those Viaweb customers talking at the phone with a tech support guy fixing the bug live, and being advised to click the link again.

I am an administrator of the CL Directory together with Marc, who continues working on new features. After all the flurry of enthusiasm and activity following the ReddIt rewrite, we got flooded by a grand total of, huh, 1 (one) user, besides Marc and me, who contributed a couple of entries (thanks!).

If you are a Lisp novice--or expert--and feel like submitting new entries, you are welcome. We could definitely use a little help.

You just have to create an account and follow the simple submission guidelines. One thing that may not be obvious is that, since all submissions are moderated, it is necessary to wait for validation from an administrator before the entry shows up in the directory. Please allow a few hours for this.

The Common Lisp directory also has RSS feeds. Note that most of the content and its organization (e.g. the list of tags) can be modified.

Besides links for LinkIt, you can submit several kinds of entries to the directory:

Of course, feedback on the directory itself is also welcome. It's probably better to send bug reports directly to Marc.

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