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Revenge of the lurkers: a newly born Lisp community?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The ReddIt rewrite from Lisp to Python is generating a lot of positive reactions and energy in the Lisp world, probably beyond expectations. Brad Beveridge's proposal of a Common Lisp janitorial project was turned by Peter Seibel into the CL Gardeners project.

Peter is astounded by the level of interest. But there is something else that I find surprising and encouraging: the participation of many expert Lispers, and the amount of Lisp work done behind the scenes by many lurkers I had never heard of (and I have been closely following the Lisp world since 1990...). It turns out, for example, that there is more interest in CLIM and McCLIM than I suspected.

Most importantly, there is apparently a strong, tenacious desire to use Lisp despite the difficulties. Is this the birth of a new Lisp community?

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