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Why the CL Directory also lists old and non-working software

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

From the #lisp IRC channel logs:

03:41:26 <Xof> why are the cl-directory maintainers including information about projects which have never run and haven't seen updates for 23 months?
03:41:53 <pimaniac> to feel industrious, probably
Glad they asked. Among the Common Lisp Directory maintainers, I am probably the one who adds more entries for old, unmaintained or non-working software. I try to make this prominent in an entry, e.g. by including the date of the latest changes or version. So, I think it's appropriate to explain my rationale.

It's not for feeling industrious. Submitting such entries actually takes some more time than those for recent software, because it is often necessary to dig a little deeper to find key information.

I think that including such items is valuable for a number of reasons:

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