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The collection of Lisp articles by Gene Michael Stover

Sunday, January 1, 2006

In January 2001, Gene Michael Stover created the site with the intention of starting an "online magazine for Lisp programmers".

He would have liked to call the magazine Yadda Lambda, but the name was frowned upon by some potential contributors. So, he renamed it The Lisp Magazine at

It turned out that there were only a handful of contributors anyway, and Gene ended up writing all the content. Among the very few articles not contributed by him are a couple of interesting ones about partial evaluation by Darius Bacon, and naming CLOS slot accessors by Tim Moore.

Gene later moved the content to the domain hosting his personal web site Infornography, and continued adding more about his projects and experiments. This material is now a rich collection of articles and notes on a variety of topics, including Lisp.

This site is a possibly little known and overlooked Lisp resource, with tutorial-style material that may be of interest to novices. There is coverage of Lisp idioms, a quick start on pathnames, generating HTML, and more.

Here is a tip: in most cases, you can get a printable PostScript or DVI version of an article by following the Other Formats of this Document link in the table of contents.

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