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Mentioned by Sky & Telescope

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Sort of. The September 2004 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine includes the article The Lunar Parallax Demonstration Project -- What do you get when two dozen amateurs all over Europe and North America take simultaneous pictures of the Moon? (page 94), by Peter Lawrence. The project dramatically demonstrated the effects of lunar parallax by simultaneously taking pictures of the Moon, during a lunar eclipse, from different places in the world.

Peter says in the article (I have added the link):

My friend and fellow astronomer Martin Frey noticed a chance question posted on the Yahoo Group for Lunar Observers: Is it possible to see the effects of lunar parallax with amateur equipment? Martin passed the question to me because of my experience with a similar project: the Planets Animation.
Well, that chance question was posted by me on 18 October 2003. I wrote:
A friend of mine is an astronomy instructor. As a laboratory activity, he would like to measure the lunar parallax with two groups of students separated by hundreds or thousands km.

Is this possible with ordinary amateur astronomer instruments and equipment? Any suggestions or comments? Has any of you tried that?

The friend I mentioned, Davide Cenadelli, also works at Brera. The decision to post the query to a mailing list came from a discussion with him and Andrea Bernagozzi, another friend who works at Brera.

I am happy to have been in some way among the catalysts for an interesting idea with great hack value. Of course, every Lisper should be interested in Moon-related issues.

Sky & Telescope is the most popular and widely circulated astronomy magazine. If you are not an amateur astronomer, this name doesn't tell much to you. But if you are a hacker, you can think of something like BYTE in the good old days, with emphasis on practical -- i.e. observing -- issues.

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