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McCLIM listener fixes: symbol counts, compilation/loading

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Andy Hefner has committed some changes to the CVS sources of McCLIM's listener. He has fixed a typo in the name of a symbol count function for SBCL (related to package graphs), and did some more minor renaming and rearrangement of code.

Compiling and loading the listener with recent versions of CMUCL -- the 19a release and prerelease series -- still generates some package lock errors. You can fix them by adding the following form near the beginning of file Apps/Listener/cmu-hacks.lisp:

(progn (setf (ext:package-definition-lock (find-package "DEBUG")) nil)
       (setf (ext:package-definition-lock (find-package "COMMON-LISP")) nil)
       (setf (ext:package-definition-lock (find-package "EXT")) nil))

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