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Selected CLIM resources

Sunday, September 12, 2004

To learn about CLIM, you could do a Google search. But most of the useful online CLIM resources have already been "mined" and collected. You can access this material from a few web pages, which are the roots from which you can explore the graph of links. Here are the pages, together with some notes:

CLIM page at CLiki
Documentation page at McCLIM CLiki
Be sure to check the information on the examples and usage tips.
Application page at McCLIM CLiki
This page has links to most of the CLIM applications available online. Only the ones listed at the top are known to work with McCLIM. But all this code is very useful for understanding how CLIM is used in practice. It's worth studying in detail.

Be sure to also check the links in section Code Repositories and Collections, especially that to the CLIM section of the CMU Common Lisp Repository (the code in the CLIM 1 directory is based on an early version of CLIM and may be confusing at first).

If you find more useful resources, please add links.

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