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Lunar Photo of the Day is back

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

In a recent comp.lang.lisp thread, Jonathon McKitrick wondered about cool desktop wallpapers used by Lispers. I suggested Apollo images. But, being a lunar junkie, I should also have mentioned the Lunar Photo of the Day (LPOD) site.

LPOD, inspired by Astronomy Picture of the Day, is based on a simple but effective idea: each day, it posts a new wonderful or interesting lunar image with a short explanation by an expert. LPOD is run by planetary scientist Chuck Wood, of whom I attended an online lunar geology course.

LPOD started at the beginning of 2004, but Chuck was forced to suspend maintenance for most of 2005 because of technical problems and personal issues. In early 2006 Chuck brought the site back online with a new, blog-based structure. It now contains several new images of the Moon. Worth a -- daily -- look.

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