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McCLIM changes: cleaned up demos, more Lisps supported by inspector

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

There is some activity on McCLIM, with Andy Hefner and Tim Moore committing the latest batch of changes to the CVS source tree. The demos in Examples have been cleaned-up and fixed by Andy. The previously broken 15 Puzzle in Examples/puzzle.lisp now works. You can compile it together with the other demos, e.g. with (assuming ASDF):

(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :clim-examples)
and run it with:
(clim:run-frame-top-level (clim:make-application-frame 'clim-demo::puzzle))
But the easiest way to play with this and other demos is to start the master demo, which provides buttons for running the available demos:

To avoid conflicts with other inspectors, Tim Moore has changed the system and package name of the Lisp Inspector to clouseau. So, you now compile and load it with (assuming ASDF):

(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :clouseau)
and, unlike what the file Apps/Inspector/INSTALL says, you start it with:
(clouseau::inspector (clim:make-application-frame 'clouseau::inspector :obj 20))
By the time you read this, the documentation may have been fixed.

Tim has also committed a patch to make the inspector use the clim-mop package instead of conditionally defining MOP functions for different Lisps. This provides support for all the Lisp implementations on which McCLIM runs, if I understand correctly.

Finally, Tim changed with-room-for-graphics to make it more compliant, for appropriate values of compliant given the limited information on its exact behavior.

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