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McCLIM changes: new demo; the inspector does work

Monday, January 31, 2005

The latest McCLIM CVS commit goodies by Andy Hefner include a new demo: a CLOS method browser in Examples/method-browser.lisp (be sure to update your working copy with cvs update -dP). A comment at the beginning of the file explains what this demo is meant for:

;;; This is an example of how to write a CLIM application with a
;;; "normal" GUI. McCLIM can do more than just command lines..
Another comment tells how to run the application, which is compiled together with the other demos (system :clim-examples). I suggest that you also check the source code, which demonstrates a number of CLIM programming techniques.

Yesterday I reported an error when running with CMUCL the newly committed Lisp inspector. It turns out that if I checked the code before posting, I would have spared the McCLIM mailing list some useless noise: the inspector does work, but it currently supports only SBCL and OpenMCL... Matthieu Villeneuve later posted a patch for adding CMUCL support.

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