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Why cover CLIM

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I would like to cover CLIM here to spread its knowledge, revive discussions in related mailing lists, and stimulate the development of new CLIM software and tools.

I guess CLIM is considered one of the mysteries of Lisp. Many have heard of it, but few know what it can do and how to use it. Although the current CLIM 2 standard has a thick specification (about 390 printed pages), it is a reference document with very few examples. There are no advanced tutorials, and online resources are limited and scattered. Besides, up to a few years ago, all CLIM implementations were commercial products with prices starting at several hundred bucks, thus limiting the potential audience and making experimentation difficult.

I hope to contribute my experience by posting entries to this blog. They will include tips, sample code and screen shots. The limited information on CLIM has been my primary motivation for creating this blog.

I don't have time for writing an extensive tutorial. In the past, I added short notes to the McCLIM CLiki or to the CLIM page at CLiki. I would have liked to add comments to Gilbert Baumann's annotatable CLIM specification, but editing is still broken and there are plans to move it.

By the way, many thanks to Bill Clementson, who is helping me troubleshoot some BlogMax problems and has also sent me some code.

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