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McCLIM changes: Beagle and Null backends, miscellaneous fixes

Friday, March 24, 2006

The McCLIM CVS commit activity continues for the upcoming 0.9.2 release. Tim Moore committed several fixes to the Beagle backend for MacOS X, which make it work again with most demos. He also updated the installation instructions and the to do list.

Christophe Rhodes added the new, experimental, don't-do-this-at-home "Null backend" in Backends/Null. The commit log explains its purpose:

The idea is that the null backend implements all the mcclim machinery
for a backend, but doesn't side-effect the rest of the world; this
should make it possible to write test cases for mcclim-internal
invariants, and potentially also mcclim applications, by running them
under this backend.  This utopia is quite a way off, however; what
actually works at present is not much more than:
  (setf clim:*default-server-path* :null)
  (let ((stream (clim:open-window-stream)
    (clim:draw-rectangle* stream 10 10 100 200)
    (clim:stream-output-history stream))
but it's a start.

(Additionally, the Null backend could be used as a starting point for implementing other backends.)

Varkesteijn changed the McCLIM .asd file to include more demos that previously required separate compilation. He also committed a few more miscellaneous fixes.

Finally, a correction to yesterday's entry. I incorrectly wrote that Robert Goldman added the functional geometry explorer to the CVS repository. This was actually done by Tim Moore. Apologies.

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