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McCLIM changes: gadgets, graphs, documentation

Monday, April 18, 2005

There was limited McCLIM CVS commit activity within the past couple of weeks.

Andy Hefner added a default value to the :arc-drawer argument of format-graph-from-roots, as required by the CLIM 2 specification.

Andy also worked on code for changing frame layouts, and the list-pane and option-pane gadgets. Concerning these gadgets, he has added to the source code these usage notes, which also describe the McCLIM extension :prefer-single-selection:

;;   A some-of/nonexclusive list pane (or option-pane popup window) supports
;;   the following behaviors:
;;       single-click: toggle selected item
;;        shift-click: select/deselect multiple items. Selection or deselection
;;                     is chosen according to the result of your previous click.
;;  McCLIM adds an initarg :prefer-single-selection. If true, a nonexclusive pane
;;  will deselect other items selected when a new selection is made. Multiple
;;  items can be selected using control-click, or shift-click as before. This
;;  imitates the behvior of certain GUIs and may be useful in applications.

Robert Strandh applied a patch by Robert Goldman for adding bookmarks and hyperlinks to the PDF version of the user manual.

Finally, Christophe Rhodes and Peter Scott fixed a few bugs.

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