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McCLIM changes: new menu view, window titles

Friday, January 21, 2005

A new batch of changes was committed to the McCLIM CVS repository. Tim Moore implemented the new, non-standard climi::+pop-up-menu-view+ view for displaying the completion presentation type in a dialog. He added a small demo of this view to Examples/accepting-values.lisp. You can try it from the CLIM Listener by evaluating a form such as:

(clim-demo::accept-popup '(one two three four five))
and left-clicking on ONE. The function takes a sequence and the :stream keyword argument.

Tim also added some documentation of the internals of accepting-values. His changes are additional small steps toward the use of gadgets in dialogs and a more compliant implementation of accepting-values.

Andy Hefner implemented the :label option of open-window-stream. This makes it possible to specify a custom top-level window (CLIM calls this an "application frame") title for the window manager's title bar. A less low-level way of doing that is to provide the :pretty-name argument to make-application-frame:

(make-application-frame 'my-frame :pretty-name "My Window Title")

Finally, a few problems have been fixed, including an incompatibility with Allegro CL's defsystem tool and a bug I had reported.

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