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Mothballing Lisp Propulsion Laboratory log

Saturday, March 3, 2007

David Lichteblau noted that I stopped posting McCLIM updates some months ago. Actually, I haven't been posting here for several weeks.

I am indeed running out of steam, and will update this blog very infrequently. Lisp Propulsion Laboratory log should be considered in a "frozen" state. Zach Beane, whom I warmly thank for adding my feed to Planet Lisp and for running such a great service, may consider removing my subscription.

I started this blog on August 16, 2004. Although I am still interested in Lisp, I haven't been using it much since late 2006.

Other non Lisp-related activities from my day jobs are absorbing more and more of my time. The good news is that all this stuff is a lot of fun. It's about science popularization and education, particularly astronomy and space exploration.

I now have a new non Lisp blog that I update regularly. Interestingly, I have learned a lesson from that Blogger-based blog. Although it's less customizable than the Emacs-based BlogMax tool I used here, it's simpler to use. It turned out that I didn't need all the versatility offered by Emacs. There are contexts in which usability does matter. even to hackers (see a well known essay by JWZ).

Thanks to all those who followed and appreciated Lisp Propulsion Laboratory log.

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