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New blog on science communication and popularization

Sunday, December 31, 2006

I briefly drift off topic to announce Avventure Planetarie (planetary adventures), my new blog on science communication and popularization, particularly astronomy and space sciences (I work in this field). Unless you have a reading knowledge of Italian, it is unlikely to be of interest to you. But if you know someone who might be interested, please do let her/him know.

There's actually something funny you might want to have a look at, i.e. my space-suited picture in the personal profile. It's part of a larger photoshopped montage (click to enlarge) of actual Shuttle/Soyuz crews, with faces replaced by those of the attendees to a recent local space enthusiasts convention -- and some Italian humor thrown in. This gem was created by Kruaxi the Ferengi, whom I thank again.

You might consider a similarly creative idea with the attendees of your next Lispnik meeting, possibly based on some old photo showing Lisp or AI gurus.

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