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Leveraging Common Lisp libraries

Monday, November 13, 2006

Among the library entries I submitted to the Common Lisp Directory, one of the most interesting is cl-wdim, a web framework based on persistent CLOS.

The interesting bit is that the software is possibly the one which relies on the largest number of libraries and tools I have ever seen. I count 18: metabang-bind, ITERATE, Arnesi, FLEXI-STREAMS, SPLIT-SEQUENCE, S-BASE64, CLSQL, cl-l10n, CL-Graph, CL-STORE, CL-Containers, CL-PDF, CL-PPCRE, CL-Typesetting, computed-class, ContextL, metacopy, ASDF. Have a look at the dependency graph.

It might cautiously be speculated that there is enough useful Common Lisp code which can be leveraged for developing more code.

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