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McCLIM changes: Beagle backend, incremental redisplay

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The most extensive CVS commits to McCLIM's source tree within the past couple of weeks or so are those by Duncan Rose. He restructured the Beagle backend (a Cocoa-based backend for Mac OS X), did some performance improvements and tried to fix a few bugs. I can't tell much more about his work because I don't use a Mac. If you do, you may want to try this code, which gives a prettier, more native looking face to McCLIM applications under Mac OS X.

Duncan also added to the source tree the glimpse tool. You can think of it as a Lisp Machine style, PEEK like process and sheet hierarchy viewer. If I understand correctly, it works only with the Beagle backend. Some notes are available in Backends/beagle/glimpse/README.

Gilbert Baumann worked on some incremental redisplay optimizations. Andy Hefner changed some documentation of the CLIM Listener and committed a patch that fixes a graph formatting bug.

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