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McCLIM changes: new GTK+/cairo backend, new demo

Monday, April 24, 2006

Within the past week or so there were several important commits to McCLIM's CVS tree. David Lichteblau added a new, experimental GTK+/cairo backend, which he described in a message posted to the mcclim-devel list (a screen shot is available). The code is in Backends/gtkairo.

David also added the new demo Examples/text-size-test.lisp, which lets you interactively change the font, size and other attributes of a text string. To run it evaluate:

(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :clim-examples)
(clim:run-frame-top-level (clim:make-application-frame 'clim-demo::text-size-test))
Some time ago I wrote a similar font selection dialog.

Finally, he also fixed a text field initialization problem. If I understand correctly, this was a nasty problem that prevented text fields from being initialized with default values before being displayed.

Andreas Fuchs improved the performance of incremental redisplay, and Christophe Rhodes added test code for input editing

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