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Lisp Propulsion Laboratory log turns 1

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

On August 16, 2004 I posted the first entry of this blog, so today is its first birthday. I guess I'm supposed to say something solemn about my initial goals and whether I was able to meet them. Back then, I wrote:

In this weblog I will mostly cover Lisp, particularly Common Lisp and CLIM. I may occasionally also talk about my other interests: astronomy (especially the Moon) and space exploration (especially Apollo and the early pioneering manned programs up to Skylab).

If you follow this blog, you know that, at this high level of abstraction, I have fully met the original goals. The above is exactly what I discussed here over the past year. I'm afraid my life is not as glamorous and adventurous as Lemonodor's.

Still, there's something more. Concerning CLIM, I had some other subgoals, i.e. to:

I think I have been able to meet the first subgoal, and provide timely news and updates from the McCLIM project and the CLIM world. Unfortunately, part of that information is currently unusable.

I posted many links to messages in the archive of the mcclim-devel mailing list at But a recent system upgrade had the side effect of reindexing the archive. So, many of the links to mcclim-devel messages here are broken, or point to different and unrelated messages. The McCLIM bug list has the same problem. I will eventually fix all those links with corresponding ones to Gmane, but it will take a lot of time and patience.

I posted less code and examples than I would have liked for the second CLIM subgoal above. Let's see how well I will do in the next months.

As for the third subgoal, well, you tell me.

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