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McCLIM changes: Beagle Backend, Freetype bindings, command processing

Monday, June 27, 2005

Duncan Rose has been working full steam on McCLIM's Beagle backend, and committed to the CVS repository changes related to menu drawing and management, pointer grabbing, slider panes, push buttons and vertical scroll bar placement. Now vertical scroll bars are placed at the right side of windows, not the left one.

Brian Mastenbrook and Christophe Rhodes worked on font management. Brian committed changes to the Freetype bindings for SBCL in Experimental/freetype. Christophe also rearranged the pointer class hierarchy to make it possible to use more than one McCLIM backend at the same time (more details here).

Tim Moore changed accept-from-string to make it less obnoxious when the user enters an empty command, and fixed a few bugs.

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