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Friend of mine awarded at NSF/Science visualization challenge

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My good old friend Massimo Vicentini (a.k.a "Mogi") has been awarded a honorable mention, in the Noninteractive Multimedia category, at the 2005 edition of the National Science Foundation and Science magazine Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge (NSF page). See the other 2005 winners.

He submitted a history of astronomy video on the homocentric spheres of Eudoxus. This is apparently the first history of astronomy work being awarded at this competition. And he is also the first Italian to be awarded -- I wonder whether the NSF has arranged for Sofia Loren to give him the award certificate.

Mogi is a freelance graphics designer and astronomy educator. He has been working for the Hoepli planetarium (the largest in Italy), doing lectures and producing multimedia. since the early 1980s.

I am really happy and excited. I first met Mogi in 1978 at an amateur astronomer club meeting. He is gifted with a great imagination, and is able to visualize complex ideas, movements and relationships. See some more of his works.

I am also proud because, once again, I can stand on the toes of giants: Mogi submitted the video to the competition at my suggestion.

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