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McCLIM changes: new demo, improved SBCL support, DAGs

Friday, July 22, 2005

There was limited commit activity to McCLIM's CVS tree within the past three weeks or so. Tim Moore added a new demo, Examples/stopwatch.lisp. From the file:

;;; This is an example of multiprocessing in which a thread -- running a
;;; simulation or responding to external events -- sends events to the
;;; application thread that cause it to refresh the display. The two threads
;;; share state variables protected by a lock; the application thread uses a
;;; condition variable to signal the simulation thread to change its
;;; behavior. One could also envision sending the simulation state in a
;;; message to the application thread and using an event queue to send control
;;; messages back to the simulation thread, eliminating the need for explicit
;;; locks. Perhaps in anothor demo...
The demo simulates, well, a stopwatch. You start it with:
You supposedly left-click on the digits to start/stop the watch, but it does not work for me with CMUCL.

Christophe Rhodes and Dan Barlow committed fixes for keeping up with the new SBCL threading API. Christophe also worked on issues related to Freetype fonts and the Closure web browser.

Robert Goldman has posted to the mcclim-devel list a patch for making format-graph-from-roots work with DAGs, which has not been committed yet.

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